Weakness after the mortgage loan can be as long as

restriction policy liberalization of the property market, property for sale in some cities, there are individual areas cut off, today's real estate market was so busy. Sales in the real estate market, property speculation investors taking advantage of the good, in the hands of hoarding a lot of real estate to make a killing. Following the end of last year, however, rising property market plunged not only did not show a high degree of, but has been walking downhill. Secured loan from network information displays, a few through mortgage hoard property buyers, because of the market volatility began to appear cut off.

as for ordinary buyers in General, buying a House is a life event, can you buy if you can afford to buy a house the economic pressure will make a sensible choice. While speculative investors look at is in the process of real estate, can get the high interest, however the market is difficult to grasp, who don't know the market ultimately. Emergence of mortgage foreclosures, according to the mortgage contract, ownership of property handed over to the banks.

however borrowers in the mortgage early, will not receive their foreclosure notice usually have a process to decide whether loans overdue, mortgage foreclosure practice. Banks in the early to late waiting for the borrower, loan is still not functioning properly after a certain period, will arrange the loan collection. Through collection of a certain time, the borrower is still unable to make repayments or completely lost the ability to pay, the banks will pass the Sue, made for the disposition of property rights.

the Court ruling, the Bank will exercise of rights over property, generally for auction, auction property values are used to cover the Bank loan funds, if you cover the excess amount will be returned to the borrower after, if funds are not compensation also require borrowers to pay the arrears. Foreclosures for the banks is losing, for the mortgage lender, also has a great deal of damage, not only to bear the economic cost of more serious personal bad credit records.

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