Property prices are down payment 10% buyers need to beware of preferential legacy

general downturn in the real estate market this year, property sales performance, real estate developer laid out a variety of marketing tools, promotions of many dormant for a long time back. Fuzhou loan small series of understanding aimed at homeowners trapped in the Bank mortgage pressure, many just buy difficult to release, developers launched a 10% down payment discount purchase. Such concessions, to a certain extent is caught the attention of a number of buyers, a house down payment is reduced, no preferential mortgage rates, demand for some home buyers would also be of great help.

launched a into down payment of real estate many, in part city many big brand real estate Basic are similar of 10% down payment offers, but industry professional people reminded everyone, has urgent live needs of family, in made purchase select of when also is need caution treats 10% down payment, enjoy property developers good offers of while, also to more thinking which whether has follow-up of risk produced, on potential of unknown risk to has must of understand.

down payment on a so-called 10%, in fact, is real estate developer first advance payments for homebuyers, homebuyers through some period of phases, gradually will be paid down payments to real estate developers. Eliminates one-off spending large amount of buyers down payment pressures, most cities have now released the purchase, but the Bank personal mortgage loans does not have any loose, for buyers of second homes, the first payment rate is still very high, wants to buy must bear a high proportion of the first payment. 10% down payment in which there is a market.

real estate developers, though to advance offer down payments for homebuyers, but the advance details of the operation are different, some are down payments by instalments instalments, some are using micro-loans, down payment loans for buyers. Regardless of the way through, and signed an agreement between real estate developers and home buyers, developers will usually be clasped in the hands of the right to dispose of the property, in this case, development projects or additional construction to meet delivery requirements, victims of disputes tend to be buyers.

in the real estate market is not an ideal scenario, market competition, launched various marketing gimmicks in addition to attract buyers attention also to lock groups with purchase intent. As buyers interested in real estate transactions, the potential of the weighting effect of uncertainty is critical, reasonable judgment to purchase the balance of costs and profits.

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