Note these costs in the purchase of second-hand House

now home sales industry is highly competitive, in the heyday of the real estate market, real estate agents everywhere, big and small, and also contributed to maintaining customer facilitating trade means constantly evolving. And, as the buyer, if you have intention to buy second-hand housing, most acquired through estate agents housing information, natural trading without real estate agents involved in the process. For first-time buyers, and terms were not enough understanding of the many real estate agents, also does not understand some of the second-hand House transaction, was drilled by some unscrupulous intermediaries loophole produces a variety of real estate transaction disputes.

Fuzhou loans made to us about today, home buyers involved in housing transactions, we agreed to issue, about need pay the agreed fees how to define, how should we determine whether they need to deliver the cost. In fact, whether it is to buy a new home or buy second-hand housing, have a deposit exists, its main significance lies in determining the buyer's purchase intent, contract buyers and sellers of the deal.

as a real estate agent there in order to restrict the customer, strengthening home buyers purchase intent, need expressed intention to subscribe or pay a deposit. On the deposit, and different versions have different meanings, and also have different restrictions on the legal effect.

the deposit, we all heard, more understanding. Mainly before signing the share that represents a secured means of Exchange, is a guarantee of purchase. Also have the force of law, once agreed with claims responsibility, failure is necessary to return or compensation.

deposit, pronunciation, and a deposit, but because a Word can have different results. In many actual cases there has already been a lot and a conventions primarily represents the right of first refusal to buy, is a sum paid in advance, but do not have security responsibilities, so the business is not successful they should refund money.

in General is more than two payments, but sometimes real estate agents, appear to subscribe to gold, gold in good faith, the two statements have no legal definition, in accordance with the normal understanding is the same as deposits, is the meaning of a reservation protocol, even if the transaction is to return has been reached. But sometimes the consumer is weak, the final verdict by the intermediary in charge, whether returning payments consumers have no initiative, also often are the aggrieved party.

this small series to remind buyers when conducting real estate transactions, agreed intentions and needs to pay, should be careful to choose, the purpose of figuring out conventions and legal effect and avoid unnecessary financial losses.

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