Non-City commercial real estate also need to be cautious

singing all the way people in the real estate market for real estate investment, whether it is residential property or commercial property, an investment choice for a value. However this year, the real estate market is no longer a fever in the past, the property market showed a downward trend, most real estate companies sales target difficult to achieve this year. In view of this situation, let go of individual housing purchase policy adjustment in bank credit lines, local rescue the main tone.

from real estate investment level, residential real estate investments in significant requirements to meet people's expectations, high market prices drop to save room, general condition of supply is greater than demand, compared to the first-tier cities, three or four line of the city's more dismal real estate market. Fuzhou loan small believes that in the context of overall sluggish environment, as a real estate investor should carefully consider, while domestic consumption trends, as well as people's income level, business development there is still a lot of room, but not all areas of commercial real estate is worth investing in at this time.

with the changes of lifestyle and consumption, one or two lines of the commercial development of the city began to become more diversified development, commercial real estate investment and development can also have their place. One or two lines of the urban population range, relatively high levels of per capita consumption, the city accommodates has lots of space, as a commercial real estate development there are many development opportunities, various thematic large mall, the shopping street emerge frequently.

but if you want to select three or four city commercial real estate investment, you need to seriously consider doing more investigation, with one or two cities far from city life and culture, as well as different needs, commercial real estate environment successful investment is still in a relatively low level, is also in rapid development, but is able to carry more of the commercial real estate investment, it is difficult to control.

at present, China's urbanization trend, which extends opportunity does exist, but in three or four lines in the city will activate local commercial real estate environment, breaking the monopoly of the local traditional business to operate successfully, will likely need to pay a heavy cost, hidden costs and potential risks, whether as developers can afford.

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