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with the development of the financial markets, banks ' financing of loans has changed, whether it is personal or corporate loan financing consumer loan products have all the characteristics of multi-level, diversified, more targeted consumer groups, as well as consumer demand. Especially in the recent period of time banks for personal consumption loan business, to become the market's flagship product, which the basis of the personal credit through banking credit approval funding, funding restrictions on the use of personal consumption, cannot be used to buy a house or risky investments.

However, given these kinds of credit operations, there is still a lot of people credit qualifications do not meet conditions for mortgage credit shortage of qualified crowd has become the only option. Personal mortgage loans, most commonly using real estate as collateral is the most common, owning property proved for ordinary people can you bank on a credit application or credit card applications, greatly assisted in its function, and can audit more quickly and smoothly through the Bank, often can also apply for credit lines higher.

for mortgage loans when the property is not available for mortgages? Fuzhou guarantees small sum up here following these kinds of properties: 1, in a State of mortgage property cannot be used to apply for consumer loans, because property rights vested in the Bank, so under normal circumstances the Bank would not agree to such a request. However, there are some bank revolving credit model, can real estate mortgage in cases that meet the criteria of credit, depending on whether the provision. 2, small property, and cannot be listed public houses, there is no proof of ownership or other rights to prove real estate, banks cannot exercise the relevant mortgage, loan operations. 3, housing may not be listed under five years of age, which is prescribed by the State, and therefore also the right mortgage.



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