Downward fall in house prices in the property market should also control certain

in the development of the economy in recent years, the real estate industry into local economic pillars, local fiscal income largely depends on it. And after years of development, the real estate industry's upstream and downstream industry chain, also developed as a result of it, who is directly or indirectly related industries, because of the rise of real estate to taste blood. Real estate industry overall downward now, enterprise sales is difficult to achieve the objectives, investment funds were pressing lead to lack of liquidity in the industry chain, triggering a risk investment funds.

this risk of triggering first alert financial institutions, banks significantly narrow down the chain of credit in real estate industry, even the personal property loans were tightened step by step. Under such cycles, real estate companies Fund more nervous, for some small companies are often deadly impact, withdrawal of funding pressures combined with the absence of follow-up financing investments, enterprises ' difficulty in functioning the baptism was at the beginning.

real estate industry itself is intensive capital-intensive industries, encounter drug cannot be achieved in the market liquidity, natural industry risks, and financial pressures on the industry chain will also be conducted in multiple industries. The current real estate market is now facing a transition period, stepped into the markets most at the end of the period there will be more companies because of funding problems affected, falling house prices in the major cities.

insiders believe that after experiencing soaring prices moderately lower is inevitable, but also need to be implemented step by step in reasonable condition, avoid excessive excessive market volatility, which affects the development of the real economy. Focus on the housing market needs, targeted levels of housing supply, is the development of the housing market.



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