Consolidation in the first suite of first-tier cities identified

restriction of policy under the comprehensive liberalization of the housing market, most of the cities have limited buying policy to lift the restrictions, while in first-tier cities face relax its national policy, are not showing any signs of follow. But in a falling real estate market, a city but made some adjustments on the individual housing loans, according to the Fuzhou security information, a mortgage slightly easing, is mainly for first home buyers.

adjustments in the Mortgage Bank has several, each time the Bank's adjustment measures would give rise to considerable concern, especially during the housing market strong appeal to relax its credit any credit trouble, affects every homeowners heart. But meanwhile, a credit easing banks have very strict restrictions, or in case there is still no comprehensive understanding of these adjustments is fleeting.

now in Shanghai see eligibility criteria of financial institutions for the first mortgage adjustments, from the initial strict policy of recognition and recognition of credits, relegated to only denied credit. Conditions of such a finding, certain limits for many purchases on the freed space. But insiders say this credit adjustments open wide possibilities are not large, relax its credit policy will not limit the purchase as easily opened, especially in first-tier cities and no need to to a fully liberalised, but to stimulate the property market transactions to a certain extent, stimulates the digestion and keep there is still room in the market.

banks adjust their eligibility for first qualification, there is no clear line, although there are a variety of messages, and wind, but in the end what kind of adjustments will come not quite sure.

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